Alliance Pressure Washing Service Offers Water Recovery and Filtering

As the premier Dallas pressure washing service, customers contact us when their parking lots have accumulated dirt, and building walls show stains. Because we custom-tailor the service for each location, you know that the property looks fantastic when we leave. Now, more and more customers ask about our water recovery and filtering. Here is what you need to know.

 Alliance Pressure Washing Service Offers Water Recovery and Filtering

The Technology behind Water Recovery and Filtering

Alliance Pressure Washing and Striping frequently works with building management companies that sign monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual contracts for regular cleaning and pressure washing. Doing so takes a lot of water. Could we just use the water straight from the tap?

Sure; however, with only about one percent of fresh water being accessible on the planet, conservation becomes more and more important. Our technicians do their part to go green and provide a sustainable service.

The technology we use is actually quite interesting. We capture the wastewater that we produce with a recovery unit that vacuums it up. From there, the water passes through several filtration units before it goes into a holding tank awaiting reuse. Although we would not recommend drinking the water, it is considered safe for landscape irrigation

How Our Dallas Pressure Washing Service Benefits the Customer

For starters, we use less of the water that comes from your property. This step saves you money. Moreover, with watchdog agencies anticipating water shortages, you know that we can come and maintain your property without adversely affecting local water supplies.

Aesthetics matter, too. If you have ever seen the runoff from a company’s cleaning efforts, you know that it looks unprofessional, leads to puddles in all the wrong places, and results in landscape problems. In addition to water recovery and filtering, Alliance Pressure Washing and Striping uses only eco-friendly cleaners and detergents. Contact us today to learn more about our service and schedule an appointment!

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