Why You Need to Paint Your Speed Bumps

Wheel stops and speed bumps are used for safety and to prevent damage to your property. If you have speed bumps on your property, it is important that you make sure they have a fresh coat of paint to keep them visible to drivers and pedestrians at all times. There are several benefits to painting your wheel stops and speed bumps, including increasing safety, preventing injury, and complying with city codes.

Why You Need to Paint Your Speed Bumps

Increases Safety

Having a visible, freshly painted speed bump increases safety on your property by warning drivers of the upcoming bump. This will encourage cars to slow down and prevent crashes, car damage, and speeding. Increase the safety of your property by making sure your bumps and wheel stops are fully visible with a fresh coat of paint.

Prevents Injury

If someone experiences an injury on your property, you may be liable if the injury is caused by something on your property. Making your speed bumps and wheel stops more visible to pedestrians can prevent tripping over them, decreasing the risk of injury on your property. Painted speed bumps also warn cars to slow down, decreasing the chance of a pedestrian getting hit.

Complies to City Codes

As a property owner, there are certain codes you must meet to keep your property safe. Most city codes require speed bumps and wheel stops to be clearly visible, so if you have them you may be required by law to have them painted in order to avoid a fine.

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