Fire Lane Striping in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

The law requires every commercial parking lot to have fire lane striping for safety purposes. Fire lane marks depend on the lane size and the location. This area should have a “NO PARKING” red stripe mark so that other vehicles and pedestrians avoid the area. Read on to learn more about fire lane striping.

Fire Lane Striping in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

How Often Do Fire Lanes Require Striping?

Fire lanes should stay clear throughout, no matter the season. If the marks aren’t clear, it may land you in trouble because the law requires the lanes to be clear all the time. Generally, how often you should strip the lanes depends on the factors listed below.

  • If there is high traffic in the area, the striping may fade faster and require frequent restriping.
  • Harsh weather conditions such as snow and heavy rain wash off the paint and make it fade faster.
  • If the paint isn’t of good quality, the stripes may fade off faster, requiring you to restripe the lanes often.

Generally, you can consider restriping it once each year if there is not much fading. If you live in an area with less traffic or favorable weather conditions, you can restripe the lanes twice per year.

Benefits of Fire Lane Striping

Every commercial parking lot should have fire lane striping for various reasons listed below.

  • Guides drivers where to stop or park their vehicles, thus, minimizing accidents within the area.
  • Striping prevents obstruction in case of an emergency in the parking lot, allowing for quick access of fire trucks and other emergency vehicles to the scene.
  • Since it is a designated area, pedestrians and other vehicles keep off, thus, minimizing accidents.
  • It is a requirement by the state for every parking lot to comply with the fire code regulations.

Contact Alliance Pressure Washing and Striping in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

Is there a fire lane in your commercial parking lot? How clear is it? If it isn’t clear, then do not waste more time because this may not only be risky, but it can also land you in problems with the authorities. Contact Alliance Pressure Washing and Striping, and we will restripe the fire lanes and make them clear again.

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