Four Solid Reasons to Have Parking Garage Pressure Washing Performed

Performing diligent parking lot maintenance is one of the best things that you can do to protect yourself, the natural environment, and your customers or tenants. Sadly, however, this is one property feature that’s commonly overlooked. With countless vehicles pulling into and back out of these spaces, thick accumulations of slick, slippery materials are simply unavoidable. The good news is that parking garage pressure washing can quickly restore high-traffic areas to their original, pristine appearance while promoting optimum levels of safety. The following are four solid reasons for having these services performed.

Four Solid Reasons to Have Parking Garage Pressure Washing Performed

1. Pressure Washing Will Fulfill Your Duty of Care

As a property owner, you have to be constantly on guard against both frivolous and legitimate lawsuits. Premises liability requires property owners to take regular and concerted steps to eliminate slip and fall, and trip and fall hazards. In parking garages, automotive fluids increase the likelihood of both injury events and auto accidents. Pressure washing will remove slick coatings that make it harder for drivers to bring their vehicles to a quick and complete stop. They’ll also make it easier for customers and tenants to traverse these surfaces on foot, without sustaining injuries.

2. More People Will Want to Visit Your Business

Parking garage safety and parking garage aesthetics are two things that visitors are guaranteed to take note of when arriving. If these spaces look ill-maintained or dangerous, many consumers will search for other companies to patronize. If your parking garage houses the automobiles of your tenants, keeping it clean is a great way to lower your turnover rates, attract more desirable rental applicants, and impress your stakeholders. Given just how fast and effective these services are, they can be completed with minimal inconvenience, and without greatly disrupting business continuity.

3. Cleaning Up Automotive Fluids is Good for the Environment and Your Commercial Reputation

Leaving buildups of automotive fluids in place can be detrimental to the local water supply. The next time that it rains, these build-ups will create a potentially toxic run-off that diminishes local water quality. Routine pressure washing can safely and effectively strip pollutants away so that this never happens. Not only will you lower your property’s impact on the natural environment, but you’ll also be proactively protecting your commercial reputation. With more consumers expressing a sincere concern for the environment, mismanagement in this area can harm your company’s image.

4. Paved Surfaces Will Last a Lot Longer When You Take Good Care of Them

In many ways, parking garage pressure washing can pay for itself. You’ll face fewer liability issues, and you won’t have to pay the high costs of reactive reputation management. More importantly, the surfaces that you treat will last a lot longer. Paved areas that are routinely and professionally cleaned are a lot less likely to develop cracks, permanent stains, or other functional or aesthetic problems.

At Alliance Pressure Washing and Striping, we’ve been providing reliable parking garage pressure washing services since 2007. Residents of the greater Dallas and Fort Worth, TX areas can trust us to create beautiful paved areas that are just as safe to use as they are good-looking. If you’ve fallen behind on your parking lot maintenance, get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

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