4 Solid Reasons to Pay for Parking Lot Striping Services

Believe it or not, the state of your parking lot has a far greater impact on your business than any other outdoor feature. Not only is this one of the first things that customers and potential customers see when pulling up, but it’s also an important standard by which your company and all that it has to offer is judged. If consumers are greeted by stained, ragged and uneven pavement, potholes, and poor space distribution, they aren’t going to think too highly of your customer service. Not only should parking surfaces be smooth and well-cared for, but they should also be perfectly striped. The following are four important benefits that our parking lot striping services can provide.

4 Solid Reasons to Pay for Parking Lot Striping Services

1. Comfortably Fit More Customers In

Clear parking lot striping makes it possible to comfortably fit more customers in. During times of high-demand, having a lot that’s ready to accommodate large amounts of traffic can help you maximize your profits. Line striping services apportion commercial parking lots safely and efficiently. With sufficient space for everyone, you won’t lose clients to companies with adequate parking and better-organized grounds.

2. Eliminate Problems With Door Dings

Few things are worse than going into a store to shop, only to discover that someone has left a glaringly obvious dent in your car door. This can only happen so many times on your commercial property before people stop visiting your business altogether. With clearly defined lines to guide them, and ample space for their compact cars, sedans, trucks, or SUVs, people can get into and back out of stalls without causing damage.

3. Fulfill Your Duty of Care

As a property owner, you’re obligated to take steps to ensure that your lots are safe and easy to use without sustaining personal harm or automotive damage. Line striping is an essential preventative measure against accidents and injuries that result from disorganization, poor signage, and all around poor parking lot planning. When your lots are professionally striped, you’ll face far fewer liability issues.

4. Good Striping Makes Everything Look Better

Clearly defined lines, arrows that denote the intended flow of traffic, and spaces that are marked for motorcycles, compact cars, and other small-sized vehicles will make it infinitely easier for everyone to use your lot. When professionally performed, parking lot striping can also be aesthetically pleasing. This is all the more true when striped lots have smooth, unblemished paving.

Whether you’ve never had your parking lot striped before or it’s time to have this space redesigned and striped again, we can help. At Alliance Pressure Washing and Striping, we offer an expansive range of services for beautifying property exteriors, and increasing their overall usability and safety. Call us today to request a hassle-free estimate.

Parking Garage Pressure Washing: Benefits of Cleaner Surfaces

If you own a parking garage, then you know how hard it is to keep the surfaces clean. With all of the dirt and grime that accumulates on the pavement, cars can become dirty quickly. But there is hope for your business!

Parking Garage Pressure Washing: Benefits of Cleaner Surfaces

Pressure washing services are available for many types of businesses and can be an excellent way to improve your conversion rates by providing cleaner surfaces. This blog post talks about why pressure washing services are beneficial in a variety of ways, including increased safety because there will be fewer slippery surfaces; increased aesthetics because customers won’t feel like they’re walking through a muddy mess, and decreased costs from not having to regularly replace or repaint surfaces due to heavy wear and tear.

– Increased Safety

The increased safety is due to the reduction of slippery surfaces. There will be an abatement of heavy wear and tear on the surfaces because of the decrease in mud, dirt, and grime. This will also help your company save money from not having to regularly replace or repaint any surfaces due to heavy wear and tear. It is important for a business owner to remember that pressure washing services are available for many types of businesses and can be beneficial in more ways than one.

– Cleaner surfaces

Pressure washing services will help to provide cleaner surfaces in your parking garage. This means that the pavement will maintain its sleek appearance and there will be a reduction in slippery surfaces. Pressure washing services are available for many types of businesses and can benefit more than just parking garages. Companies also save money because they do not have to replace or repaint any surfaces due to the heavy wear and tear they incur.

– Increased aesthetics

Pressure washing services also increase aesthetics in the parking garage. The constant presence of mud, dirt, and grime can make everything seem dirty. Customers coming to your business will have a better impression of your business because they won’t feel like they’re walking through a muddy mess. This means that you can expect a higher conversion rate from customers who come to your business and spend the time to convert into making a purchase.

Most parking garages have areas that are not constantly cleaned. This can be an issue for any business because it leaves cars vulnerable to dirty surfaces and slippery conditions. Pressure washing services can benefit your business in more than one way. They increase aesthetics because there will be fewer muddy surfaces, which means that customers will have a better impression of the business and they also reduce costs of having to repaint or replace any surfaces due to heavy wear and tear.

If you would like to experience the benefits of pressure washing services, please contact Alliance Pressure Washing and Striping. We offer pressure washing services in parking garages and can provide more information for any interested parties. For more information about our services, please contact us today!

3 Reasons to Consider Pressure Washing Services for Your Business

One of the best ways to improve the appearance of your business is to invest in professional pressure washing services. Scheduling these services on a yearly basis is a great way to keep your building looking great throughout the year. Always taking the extra time to find a top-quality company that provides pressure washing services is well worth the time and effort.

Interested in learning more about these services? Here are a few of the main advantages of using pressure washing services for your business.

3 Reasons to Consider Pressure Washing Services for Your Business

Limit Repairs

One of the top benefits of pressure washing your business is that it can significantly extend the lifespan of your building. For example, mold growth and algae can build up over time and cause significant damage. A brick building may also deteriorate over time due to the lack of maintenance. However, you can avoid such a dire scenario by investing in professional pressure washing services each year.

Improve Curb Appeal

Another reason to consider pressure washing services is that it is a great way to boost the curb appeal of your business. Keeping your building, sidewalk, and parking lot well-maintained is a great way to attract new clients and help you rise above your competitors. Your employees will also benefit by going to work each day in a much cleaner environment that is free of mildew and other health hazards.

Clean Entire Area

Many people only associate pressure washing services with cleaning walls or windows. However, pressure washing is highly versatile, as you can clean your entire parking lot, sidewalk, and the dumpster area with these services. Loading docks, parking garages, and driveways can also greatly benefit from pressure washing. Cleaning the entire area around your business is a great way to stand out from other companies and create a much more welcoming environment for customers.

4 Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing

The outward appearance of your commercial property says a lot about your business. And since the exterior of a building encounters all the harshness of weather elements, it would only take a few months for debris, dirt, and other contaminants to build up on it. Unfortunately, this build-up can cause great havoc to your commercial property, giving it a worn-out appearance and ultimately leading to long-lasting structural damage if left unaddressed.

Therefore, seeking professional commercial pressure washing is an excellent way to ensure that your commercial property is looking its best. Are you considering hiring a professional commercial pressure washing company but are not sure if it’s worth it? Here are four reasons why you should reconsider.

4 Benefits of Commercial Pressure Washing

1.    Boosts Curb Appeal

If you’re thinking about the long-lasting value of your building, commercial pressure washing can do the trick. This is because it goes a long way into enhancing the resale value of your property by simply making it look good. Additionally, many potential clients often make their decisions depending on the first impression of the building’s outward appearance.

2.    Saves Time and Costs

Pressure washing saves you money by preventing the accumulation of dirt and any other contaminant that would cause havoc to your commercial building and end up demanding expensive repairs or replacements. Additionally, it makes your regular cleaning easier and quicker, thus saving you time.

3.    Improves Safety and Hygiene

The accumulation of dirt, algae, mildew, and mold can affect the air quality throughout the building, thus becoming a significant health hazard. On top of allergies that can affect anyone who comes around the building, these substances can cause severe health conditions like asthma. Pressure washing helps eliminate these dangers.

4.    Makes Your Business More Inviting

A clean and well-maintained building looks more appealing and welcoming to customers than one that is not, making it an excellent marketing tool for your company. If you want to give the right impression to potential clients, you need to have your commercial building pressure washed by an expert regularly.


Getting your commercial property cleaned professionally is crucial to keep your building looking great and in good condition. Whether you’re thinking about the resale value of your building, bringing in new customers, or keeping your employees in a healthy environment, regular pressure washing can make a huge difference.

Ready to get your commercial building pressure washed? Get in touch with us today at Alliance Pressure Washing and Striping for a free estimate, and let’s help you redefine the outward appearance of your commercial property.

Why Summer Is the Perfect Time to Pressure Wash Your Home and Deck

The fall and winter months can be rough on your home’s exterior surfaces and deck. Fortunately, the spring rains are gone, and sunny summer is finally here. As summer festivities line up on the horizon, now is the perfect time to invest in high-quality pressure washing of your home and deck.  Take time to brighten up your home’s exterior surfaces and leave your driveway and deck in tip-top shape by adding professional pressure washing to your schedule for the coming summer months. Our team of professionals put together the following list of reasons you will want to have your home and deck area professionally pressure washed during the summertime:

Why Summer Is the Perfect Time to Pressure Wash Your Home and Deck

1. The Weather Is Just Perfect

Weather that is ideally suited for the job is the most significant factor that makes summer the ideal time to pressure wash your home and deck. With the sun coming up earlier and going down later, there are more hours in the day to work in sunlight. Additionally, the fact that summer tends to be a bit drier than spring makes accessing every part of your home’s exterior easy, plus you won’t have to worry about rain.

2. You Get to Enjoy Long Lasting Results

When you power wash your home and deck in the summer, your freshly washed property stays cleaner for longer, giving you more value for your investment. In addition, with no spring rain, winter snow and fall debris, summertime allows you to have some time to enjoy your home.

3. Defeat Mold & Mildew

Moisture left in some of the corners of your home after the abundant spring rains followed by rising temperatures in the summer heat provides ideal growing conditions for mold and mildew. Getting a high-quality power wash on your home and deck at the beginning of the summer will entirely wash off this damaging growth from the exterior of your home.

4. Preserve Your Property

By having your home’s exterior surfaces and deck area power washed in the summer, you’ll ensure your home’s exterior is set to last for a long time to come. In addition, investing in a professional pressure washing service preserves your property’s quality and protects your investment.

Looking to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your home’s exterior is well protected? Don’t wait any longer; invest in a high-quality pressure wash for your home’s exterior and deck area this summer. Are you looking for a power washing professional in the entire Dallas Fort Worth? Contact us online today and get your free quote. 

Alliance Pressure Washing Service Offers Water Recovery and Filtering

As the premier Dallas pressure washing service, customers contact us when their parking lots have accumulated dirt, and building walls show stains. Because we custom-tailor the service for each location, you know that the property looks fantastic when we leave. Now, more and more customers ask about our water recovery and filtering. Here is what you need to know.

 Alliance Pressure Washing Service Offers Water Recovery and Filtering

The Technology behind Water Recovery and Filtering

Alliance Pressure Washing and Striping frequently works with building management companies that sign monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual contracts for regular cleaning and pressure washing. Doing so takes a lot of water. Could we just use the water straight from the tap?

Sure; however, with only about one percent of fresh water being accessible on the planet, conservation becomes more and more important. Our technicians do their part to go green and provide a sustainable service.

The technology we use is actually quite interesting. We capture the wastewater that we produce with a recovery unit that vacuums it up. From there, the water passes through several filtration units before it goes into a holding tank awaiting reuse. Although we would not recommend drinking the water, it is considered safe for landscape irrigation

How Our Dallas Pressure Washing Service Benefits the Customer

For starters, we use less of the water that comes from your property. This step saves you money. Moreover, with watchdog agencies anticipating water shortages, you know that we can come and maintain your property without adversely affecting local water supplies.

Aesthetics matter, too. If you have ever seen the runoff from a company’s cleaning efforts, you know that it looks unprofessional, leads to puddles in all the wrong places, and results in landscape problems. In addition to water recovery and filtering, Alliance Pressure Washing and Striping uses only eco-friendly cleaners and detergents. Contact us today to learn more about our service and schedule an appointment!

3 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Pressure Washing Service

You do business in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. You have noticed that your multi-level parking garage, building’s exterior, or lot have accumulated some grime. It is clear that you need a top-quality pressure washing service. However, did you know that there are three questions you should ask your commercial pressure washing service before making your decision?

3 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Pressure Washing Service

Do You Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products?

Business owners are getting more environmentally conscious. As a result, you want a pressure-washing professional who uses effective cleaners that do not harm the environment.

Besides, these cleaners will also not lead to any damage to your landscaping, which is imperative for the creation of an attractive commercial curb appeal. (By the way, our specialists offer water recovery and filtering, which dramatically minimizes any runoff from your property.)

Do I Have to Make an Appointment with You to Get a Quote?

Most operations managers like to meet with us in person to walk the property, point out areas of concern, or discuss the different methods for treating the space without interrupting business. However, we understand that you may not have the time to do so.

When this is the case, we offer an internet quote option. Our specialists review your property online and give you a price within one day. It is a fantastic alternative for the busy company owners who cannot allocate time or personnel for this process.

Do You Offer Regular Maintenance Packages?

While we most certainly welcome the opportunity to come out for a one-time commercial pressure washing service appointment, we routinely work with members of the local business community who are looking for regular maintenance. Depending on your needs, we gladly offer monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual maintenance appointments.

Of course, we can come out at any time to handle the aftermath of a messy promotion or other special event that might have left your parking lot or building front look less than clean. You are sure to have seen our trucks in and around the areas of Arlington, Colleyville, Dallas, Fort Worth, Hurst, Highland Park, Plano, and Keller.

Contact us today at Alliance Washing to learn more about your options and to request a quote!

How Pressure Washing Can Make Your Business More Appealing

The exterior of your commercial property is the very first thing that people see when pulling up to your business. If your siding is dirty and your parking lot is covered in stains, both existing customers and prospective customers may assume that you’re having a hard time staying on top of your affairs. The absolute best way to make consistently good impressions on stakeholders, shoppers, and anyone else driving by or coming to your facilities is by maintaining optimum levels of curbside appeal. With our pressure washing and striping services, you can both enhance property aesthetics and make your business infinitely more appealing to your local market.

How Pressure Washing Can Make Your Business More Appealing

Strip Away Dirt and Grime Without Damaging Siding or Paint

If left to themselves, building exteriors can quickly start looking worse for the wear. Airborne debris can collect on siding, stucco, roof tiles, and other building elements to give the entire structure an aged, unkempt, and all-around unappealing appearance. Far cheaper than paying for new exterior paint, pressure washing can totally restore the exterior of your property back to its original beauty. Best of all, soft-wash settings can be used on select surfaces to prevent paint damages and other structural harm.  For many commercial buildings, pressure washing is also an easy and affordable way to get windows clean and absolutely streak-free.

Stave Off Advanced Wear and Tear

Just as pressure washing provides a generous array of aesthetic benefits, these services also have considerable functional value.  If your commercial building has recently developed dark spots on its roof, this is evidence of pervasive black mold. At the right setting, pressure washing equipment can strip these destructive growths away while leaving roof tiles completely intact. It can also eliminate pervasive pest infestations, and progressive discoloration caused by tree fall and other organic debris. Having pressure washing services performed is both good property maintenance and excellent damage prevention.

Create An Attractive Parking Lot

Surprisingly, many consumers decide whether they want to do business with a company based upon the appearance of its parking lot. Dirty, grimy lots that lack striping and other features for organization are a huge turn-off for the average shopper. Pressure washing can strip away automotive fluids that have seeped into the asphalt or concrete, flush away litter, and clear off all natural debris. When you regularly use these services, your lot will be just as eye-catching and appealing as the building itself. Best of all, routinely cleaning your paved areas is also a sure way to preserve their integrity throughout the years.

To find out more about how pressure washing can make your business more appealing, get in touch with us at Alliance Washing today.

Creating a Great First Impression With Professional Pressure Washing

A first impression matters. It matters to a date, a guest, or a prospective customer.  A positive first impression starts the relationship on good footing. A negative first impression can prevent a relationship from ever beginning. Pressure washing removes inevitable dust, dirt, and stains. Having a fresh, clean exterior says a lot about your pride of ownership in your home or business. While pressure washing is a great solution for providing a positive first impression, that doesn’t mean it’s simple. Professional pressure washing will ensure your home or business is cleaned thoroughly and safely.

Creating a Great First Impression With Professional Pressure Washing

Professional Grade Equipment

Alliance Washing uses commercial-grade equipment that heats the water to 250 degrees. This provides high-powered cleaning for even the toughest of jobs, including large commercial properties and parking lots. This power, when not harnessed professionally, can cause damage to your property. That’s when the perceived savings of a DIY pressure washing job proves not to be frugal at all. Handling heated, high-pressure water also produces a degree of personal risk. Professional pressure washers have the training to keep themselves and your property safe.

Regular Maintenance

Creating a good first impression is great, but what about continuing a positive impression? Regular maintenance options on a monthly, quarterly, or semiannual basis help keep that first good impression a lasting one.

Environmentally Conscious

Alliance Washing has proudly serviced the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex with professional pressure washing services since 2007. Your community is our community. We adhere to all environmental laws, use 100% ECO-friendly detergents and cleaners, and offer water recovery and filtering. We are committed to our customers now and in the future. By utilizing ECO-friendly practices, we ensure our ability to serve the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex for years to come.

Our client’s satisfaction is our highest priority. We are fully insured and committed to quality from the smallest to the largest projects. Call us today for your free estimate and consultation.

5 Benefits of Parking Lot Striping Services

Parking lot striping paints can fade due to several reasons such as UV rays, precipitation, etc. Maintaining the parking lot through pressure washing and striping services is vital. Parking lot striping services is essential as it protects pedestrians and drivers and enhances your business’s curb appeal.

The feature explains several benefits of parking lot striping services.

5 Benefits of Parking Lot Striping Services

1. Reduce Liability

If any incident occurs that causes injury to employees or customers because of faded parking lot stripes, you will be liable for their injuries. You will be responsible for paying their medical bills, lost wages, emotional trauma, etc. When you have parking lot striping services, you reduce liability and continue running your business smoothly.

2. Prevent Door Dings

When parking lot stripes fade, it becomes hard for customers and employees to find appropriate parking. Customers and employees will park farther apart to avoid dinging their car doors. To prevent door dings, you need to have these  services. With proper parking lot stripes, the drivers will know the space they have for parking.

3. Improve Aesthetics of Your Parking Lot

The aesthetics of your property is essential for your clients. Faded parking lot stripes can damage the look of your business property. Striping the parking lot will improve the curb appeal and provide a welcoming space to customers who will be happy to return.

4. Correct Stripping Mistakes

At times the stripes might be too close, resulting in the cars parking in like sardines. The lines might at times be crooked, or the accessible parking space is not clear. By getting parking lot striping services, it provides the best way to correct minor errors.

5. Maximize Space

With clearly seen stripes, it will be easy for customers to park while still minimizing traffic congestion. Striping services are an excellent way to maximize the number of vehicles that can park without any space going to waste.

To get the highest quality Dallas striping services and the brightest finishes of pressure washing service, contact us, and we will prioritize your needs.